Beat your competitors by having your trades executed in a millisecond when trading on FOREX VPS PRO’s servers. Trading with our VPS can significantly revamp trading results compared to trading at home or office PC. Automated trading programs require 100% uptime and lightning execution speed in order to work efficiently, and that’s exactly what we provide! With multiple datacenters around the world you can pick your VPS at the location that suits your needs.

Broker Name NewYork (USA) Montreal (CA) Robaix (FR) London (UK)

London (UK)




FBS 12 (ms) 88 (ms) 67 (ms) 17 (ms) Order Now
Tickmill 7 (ms) 122 (ms) 99 (ms) 18 (ms) Order Now
Pepperstone 79 (ms) 3 (ms) 12 (ms) 68 (ms) Order Now
IC Markets 86 (ms) 3 (ms) 12 (ms) 77 (ms) Order Now
InstaForex (EU) 7 (ms) 99 (ms) 88 (ms) 16 (ms) Order Now
InstaForex (US) 97 (ms) 7 (ms) 13 (ms) 88 (ms) Order Now
RoboForex 9 (ms) 102 (ms) 93 (ms) 18 (ms) Order Now
ACTIVE TRADES 5 (ms) 102 (ms) 100 (ms) 2 (ms) Order Now
ADMIRAL MARKETS 2 (ms) 78 (ms) 68 (ms) 5 (ms) Order Now
AvaTrade 77 (ms) 12 (ms) 18 (ms) 88 (ms) Order Now
Tickmill 7 (ms) 122 (ms) 99 (ms) 18 (ms) Order Now
XM 2 (ms) 82 (ms) 65 (ms) 9 (ms) Order Now
OctaFX 17 (ms) 102 (ms) 89 (ms) 17 (ms) Order Now 3 (ms) 100 (ms) 99 (ms) 11 (ms) Order Now
FXTM 2 (ms) 50 (ms) 30 (ms) 10 (ms) Order Now
Exness 2 (ms) 77 (ms) 66 (ms) 8 (ms) Order Now
Fx Choice 12 (ms) 78 (ms) 98 (ms) 25 (ms) Order Now
FXCM 88 (ms) 3 (ms) 9 (ms) 69 (ms) Order Now

Additional IP addresses are available at $3.50 per month each as long as a valid justification is provided. Any bandwidth overages will be charged at $0.25 per GB.

Latency is top matter to consider when it comes to choosing a VPS server. The closer you are to a datacenter, the faster the connection is. Here you can see all datacenters and specifications to pick the one you prefer! Latency is the split time for a signal to be sent and receive between your trading platform & broker. In terms of latency, typical shared household and office internet connections can provide only mediocre connection quality. That’s where FOREX VPS PRO plays in by delivering the dedicated internet experience. Our servers specifically placed in major financial markets that deliver ultra-low latency and fast execution speed for trading activity.


Optimal connectivity for financial trading software (Meta Trader 4/5) cannot be achieved with all servers & ISPs. Our service is specifically designed to improve trading results, which is why we have chosen internationally renowned providers like Equinix, Global Switch, Level3, and Internal to host our global infrastructure and provide connectivity.

Several Forex VPS Locations

We operate our own network and so there is no distress when it comes to your uptime and quality of service. As one of the Internet's most connected networks, you can expect a very high quality of service not only between your VM (Virtual Machine) and your broker but also between you and your VM. It is a significant difference no other provider can match. We are also the only provider to offer a real time looking glass so you can confirm the latency you can expect from our network before you subscribe, in addition to our latency chart listing many popular brokers.

We Operate Our Own Network

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